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1 Business Consult

Who am I...

18 years in commercial roles in among others Saferoad Group, Ulstein, Havyard 6 years in strong matrix/project organizations

Key qualifications:
  • Negotiations on different management- and complexity levels
  • Risk management
  • Strong focus on strategy and value configuration in industry
  • Practical and effective problem solver
  • Outstanding network in industry in Scandinavia and CEE

Certified Risk Manager QMCe/EOQ
Master of Law, University of Gdansk
Supply Chain Management, Handelshøyskolen BI
English and EU Law, University of Cambridge
Project management, Høyskolen I Oslo

Some well known issues

  • Have we signed this?
  • They aren’t delivering what they’re supposed to!
  • Why don’t we fit the calculation?
  • How do we secure the bottom line?
  • We should have had a COOK BOOK (for ERP system) so processes are run by everyone in the same way...
  • How do we increase bottom line/ the result?

Risk Management

Structured handling of ARA helps to achieve

  • Focus on important issues
  • Reduction of sources of errors
  • Predictability
  • Effectiveness

Commercial management:

Do you have operational issues to take care of? Good! We’d love to help!

We can:

  • Effectively map the situation
  • Outline solutions and plans
  • Negotiate
  • Implement incl internal/external training and follow-up

quicker clarifications, knowledge transfer, reduced cost, increased value

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+47 416 323 49


Is there anything you would like to discuss? Please feel free!